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  • "Brazilian Gaucho"

    Synopsis / Artistic team

    "Brazilian Gaucho" is a theatrical spectacle created by Milton and Gala,
    This explosive live show full of original choreography, rhythm and impressive skils inspired by the gaucho culture of the Brazilian state - Rio Grande do Sul, which shares traditions with Uruguay and Argentina.

    Transporting us in the Pampas, we get to know the gauchos, these passionate South American cowboys who through their skill with the boleadoras and the
    lasso tricks, the surprising rhythms with the feet and the drums, the virtuoso
    twirl with the ponchos in the air lead us to make a unique trip.


    The show is a mixture of rhythm and passion where the speed has no limit, like
    the galloping of the horses that the gauchos carry, hunting with their lassos and boleadoras in the gauchos Pampas.

    The virtuosity of their abilities, the originality of his performance, his complicity
    with the public are some of the reasons that's why Milton and Gala are internationally recognized artists and have acted out in 14 countries across 4 continents, on 23 TV shows and are in the Guinness Book.

    Artistic team

    Idea and co-creation: Diablos de la Pampa;

    Music compilation and costumes: Gala Georgieva;

    Traditional gaucho music, drums and percussion;

    Duration 50 minutes or 25 + 25 minutes;

    Genre: dance and circus; corporal language;

    Suitable for all audiences;

    Components: 2 pax.

    Technical Data:


    A flat surface without obstacles:
    4m x 4m x 3.5 m;
    Wooden floor;
    Or wooden platform above the floor;

    Get in an hour before;

    Sound System;

    Loudspeakers - adapted to the spaces

    with two monitors of 200;

    Technician for sound and lights
    Access for a vehicle;
    Dressing room near the stage;


    The company provides you wooden platform:

    2.30 m deep x 3.50m wide;

    Wooden platform The company has own:
    -Sound system;
    -Fog machine;
    -Portable dressing room;

    Please, ask apart.